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Make A Great First Impression

What Does Your Media Marketing Say in 2.6 Seconds?

2.6 seconds is the time it takes for potential clients to develop their first impression of your media branding according to recent eye movement studies performed at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

In that brief span of time a potential client subconsciously determines whether your media is worthy of their attention. It is your ability to capture that attention that establishes “top of mind awareness” in the marketplace.

Simplicity Marketing Solutions specializes in developing highly engaging consumer content that makes your brand memorable. We provide a wide array of advertising services designed to secure your position in the mind of the consumer.

We would love the opportunity to help your business make a "Great First Impression".

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    Working with the Yay! Local has to be one of the best investments we have made in our business. First of all they were great to work with and walked us through the process of the design of our ad all the way to the distribution of the ad. I can say this is one of the best advertising opportunities we do. When our customers get the Yay! Local in the mail they talk about how professional it looks, then they notice the great offers inside. We are seeing a great return from The Yay! Local, they are driving the customers to our door. We have grownour business and increased sales.

    Thank you for all your hard work!!

    Michael Johnson, HomeMasters Pest Control

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    "I love YAY!Local. Every time it hits the mailbox hundreds of clients use our coupons. It is the best advertising I do!!!

    Johhny Pavlik

    Owner, Johhny's Pizza

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    Johnny's Pizza

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    We are proud to call Yay Local one of our media partners. Our partnership over the last year has yielded tremendous results. We follow a strict ROI formula and Yay Local achieves this goal consistently due to the quality of their work and consistency.

    Yay Local account executives provide exceptional service. They know their audience and craft our message to generate leads. We treasure our partnership with Yay Local and look forward to a long relationship.


    Richard Averitte

    Marketing Director, Zerorez North Carolina

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Enterprise Marketing For The Small Business Market

Simplicity Marketing Solutions was created with the local community in mind.

In today’s business world it is easy for the “little guy” to get lost in all the corporate noise. Simplicity Marketing Solutions specializes in helping locally owned and operated businesses stand out from the crowd by utilizing multiple advertising mediums to develop a personalized marketing solution.

Yay!Local Television Network

Simplicity Marketing Solutions, a majority partner in YAY!Local TV, operates the LARGEST closed network digital signage solution company in central North Carolina. Our display network helps you achieve local brand recognition by showcasing your business through the use of high definition still ads and broadcast quality video segments. All of our graphic and video presentations are developed in house allowing us to tailor your content to suit your precise needs.

The Yay!Local Mobile Application

The YAY!Local mobile application provides the business owner with the ability to present content to prospective clients in a manner that is both engaging and convenient. With the mobile app you can distribute digital coupons to your target audience instantly, whether you choose to reward repeat clients or attract new customers through the use of loyalty programs or discount incentives. Our Mobile app control panel provides for manageability and accountability of all your mobile coupon programs.

Yay!Local Direct Mailer

Our strategic partnership with YAY!Local, the LARGEST independently owned direct mailer in North Carolina with more than a decade of industry experience, places Simplicity Marketing Solutions in a unique position to provide you with income and geographically focused full color, magazine quality advertising that reaches over 2 million customers annually for pennies per household. Our recently released booklet format is specifically designed to increase target customer retention by presenting your content in a convenient purse and pocket sized format.

Simplicity Marketing Solutions

Simplicity Marketing Solutions' goal is to provide local businesses with the same marketing exposure available to the national brands at a fraction of the cost. While each of our programs yields impressive results independently, using them in conjunction allows for a broader marketing impact, significant uptick in brand recognition, and higher return on investment.

We believe strongly in local business supporting local business and look forward to helping you achieve your goals in today’s modern marketplace.

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